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Product Code : EL-N-10426

Tray: powder-coated, light grey color
Calibration screw: stainless steel
Body and mechanics must be splash proof, shock resistant and light-weight.
Design must allow rough handling.
Easy maintenance and repair in low tech settings must be possible.
Smooth surface/finishing must allow easy cleaning/disinfection.
Ferrous parts shall be treated with a rust inhibitor against corrosion ,
Mechanics and other vital parts are made of rust proof materials
Plastic parts shall be UV resistant, preferably acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or similar.
Body: metal only (stainless steel or epoxy coated steel).

Technical Specification:-
Beam type mechanical scale for infants
Measuring range: 0-16kg
Minimum graduation: 5g
Reading time in seconds: about 30 seconds
Readout in metric (kg)
With easy zero adjustment possibility.
With stabilizing mechanism for faster reading of results.
Removable curved tray.
Display: easily readable in low light working situations, signal white coloured numbers on black surface.
Adjustable feet allow for horizontal levelling.
Built in round level bubble with indication of center.

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