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This category showcases leading lab equipment manufacturers, providing you with the essential tools to fuel your scientific endeavors. Explore a diverse range of products, encompassing everything from microscopes and centrifuges to spectrophotometers an

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Microplate washer 8 channel

Product Code : EL-LEM-10592

The microplate washer is ideal for small scale work. Produced from stainless steel and polypropylene

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Tube Densitometer

Product Code : EL-LEM-10593

Compact and efficient benchtop densitometers for measuring turbidity of cell suspensions of life science

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Caps for Micro Cuvettes

Product Code : EL-LEM-10594

Plastic disposable UV-Cuvettes for the UV/VIS range Designed for single use, they eliminate time-consuming

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Portable Refractometer Polarimeter

Product Code : EL-LEM-10595

A fusion of index of refraction and angle of optical rotation. Brix can only indicate the overall amount of dissolved

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Hand spectroscopes

Product Code : EL-LEM-10596

Spectroscopes measure the characteristics spectrum through principle ingredients and coloration elements

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Sodium Lamp Manual Polarimeter

Product Code : EL-LEM-10597

For basic lab applications and training Measurement of optical rotation according to the half-

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Flame Photometer

Product Code : EL-LEM-10598

Industrial analysis Low temperature

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Analog Refractometer

Product Code : EL-LEM-10599

The practical and robust design means that it can be used simply, efficiently and on a permanent basis

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Benchtop Refractometer

Product Code : EL-LEM-10600

Classic refractometers for solids and liquids. With integrated digital thermometer.

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Circulation thermostat

Product Code : EL-LEM-10601

This electronic water-bath thermostat with Peltier element is a versatile, high-performance instrument.

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2 Parameter Tablet Tester with Printer

Product Code : EL-LEM-10602

Measures hardness and thickness Touch screen display

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Leak Test Apparatus

Product Code : EL-LEM-10603

Ideal for checking leakage of packed strips, blisters, small sachets and ampoules

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Powder Flow Tester

Product Code : EL-LEM-10604

With a compact design and small footprint, the perfect choice for affordable testing for powder characterisation.

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Tap Density Tester

Product Code : EL-LEM-10605

Simultaneous rotating and tapping motion assures evenly packed surface

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Beaker insert stirrers

Product Code : EL-LEM-10606

For all beakers from 100 to 2000ml capacity.

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