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Product Code : EL-EK-10301

The Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation is a package of guidance, tools and supplies to support country programmers to reach and engage adolescents ages 10-17 affected by conflict and other crises. 
The purpose of the Kit is to promote positive outcomes for adolescents' psychosocial wellbeing, life skills and active engagement in their communities. 
The Kit uses the arts, innovation and adolescent-led projects as methods to achieve those outcomes. 
Flexible and adaptable, the Kit can be used in a range of programming contexts, including recent-onset emergencies and protracted crises, as well as other low resource environments.

Kit Contents:-
Primary Carrier Straps
Secondary Carrier Straps
Primary Carrier
Secondary Carrier
Backpack Carrier
Small supply pods
Large supply pods
Facilitator' tablets
Large Polycarbonate sheets
Small Polycarbonate sheets
Round-tip medium scissors
Glue Sticks
Paper Masking Tape
Duct Tape 
Metal Pencil Sharpener
Index Cards
Permanent Markers
Dry-erase marker package
Pencils (regular)
Coloured Pencils
Medium scissors
Easel Roll 
File Fasteners
Manila paper
Composition paper
Quick Guide
Supply Guide
Facilitator Tools Cards
Activity Cards
Portable Activity Cards 
Energizer Cards
Inspiration Cards
Emotion Cube
2 ring binder for loose cards
Memory Stick
Packing of kit

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