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Product Code : EL-WS-10457

Collapsible (flexible) water tank (bladder) manufactured from UV resistant, food grade PVC coated polyester fabric (minimum 1100 g/m2), fitted with inlet and cap on top of the tank. 
All materials used should be suitable for use with chlorinated drinking water.
This bladder tank should be specifically designed for use on trucks for water transport.
Dimensions of the tank: 4m long, 2.2 m wide and 0.65 m high (maximum 6 tons capacity).

Material for the tank:
Base fabric (substrate): Bi-composite polyester or equivalent material.
Mildew and rot resistant Opaque, to inhibit algae growth
Weight: 1100 g/m². Temperature resistance: -30ºC / +70ºC.
Assembly: Heat welding/high frequency welding.
Outer coating: Abrasion and UV-resistant fabric such as PVC, weight minimum 480 g/m².
Inner coating: Black polyurethane, PVC or equivalent coating able to withstand, without alteration of the stored drinking water, chlorine concentration of 0.5 mg/liter at a water temperature of 35ºC, and peak chlorine concentration of 5 mg/liter during cleaning process. Weight minimum 200 g/m².

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