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Product Code : EL-WS-10454

Portable Water Quality Test Kit, Basic Bacteriological Field test kit.
This essentially Emergency Kit contains a Single incubator, Pool Tester and a Conductivity meter for on-site basic water quality assessment in the Field, including DPD/pH tablets and consumables. 
Microbiological contamination and to determine its safety for human consumption. 
It is especially useful in emergency situations where testing and results can be determined quickly so that corrective action may be taken without delay.
This Basic Water quality testing kit is also called "Portable Bacteriological Field test kit 1".
The Portable Field Water Quality Test Kit, for basic water quality assessment in the Field, including Microbiological Testing, pH, Chlorine and Turbidity measuring on-site in the Lab or in the Field at the source

Microbiological Parameters:
Portable Single Compartment Incubator for analysis of Faecal Coliforms at 44°C (± 0.5ºC). 
Alternatively, it can be easily switched or calibrated to 37°C for Total Coliform Count.
The incubator compartment can accommodate approximately between 16 and 25 slim fit Aluminum Petri dishes (minimum 16), 
Supplied with a total of around 50 re-useable Aluminum Petri Dishes which are as standard in Petri Dish Racks or equivalent for easy compartment loading.
The temperatures are displayed on a LCD with an indication for low battery. 
The incubator has a timer facility that logs the incubation period in case of power failure.

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