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Product Code : EL-CL-10320

The set consists of:
Primary stain, crystal violet, modified Hucker: Crystal violet 10%, Ethanol, 95%, Ammonium oxalate ((NH4)2C2O4•H2O) 1%
Presentation: As a ready-to-use solution or as solution A + solution B to be mixed.
Stain intensifier: Lugol’s iodine 0.33%, Iodine (I2) 0.33%, Potassium iodide (KI) 0.67% ,
Solvent: Distilled water
Decolourizer: Ethanol 95%
Counterstain: Safranine, 0.25%, Solvent: Ethanol 10%

Grade: For IVD (in-vitro diagnosis) 
Supplied as a set of 4 opaquer bottles of each 250ml

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